The Instrumentarium is a set of sound and image instruments intended for cultural education that allows a group of about fifteen people (children and/or adults) to simply understand the relationship between living image and sound.

It was made by musician Jérôme Noetinger and electro-videographer Lionel Palun as part of Lionel Palun's Arts-Sciences residency at the Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts-Sciences de Meylan and supported by the Conseil Départemental de l'Isère.

These instruments do not require any particular virtuosity but question collective listening, both sonorous and visual.

The Instrumentarium consists of 6 sound bodies, 2 instruments that convert light into sound, a flat loudspeaker and a tablet. The images are projected by 2 video projectors in the form of a double screen in front of the instruments.

Each of the sound bodies is in the form of a plywood box under which a piezoelectric microphone is glued.

The sound produced is diffused by a loudspeaker located behind the instrumentalist. The volume of the sound is modulated by a pedal under the table, allowing both to switch from acoustic to amplified sound and to leave the hands free to play.

Spring instrument

Instrument with threaded rods

Reverberation instrument

"Guitare sommaire"

Scratching instrument

Composite instrument

Les instruments de lumières sont composés d’une résistance photosensible et sont aussi reliés à un haut-parleur à travers une pédale de volume.

Photosensitive cell and harmonizer

Light scratcher

These 8 instruments are connected to a tablet via a sound card. The tablet allows you to view the 8 sounds independently. It also allows the image to be composed "by hand" through a webcam and a controllable video feedback device.

The flat loudspeaker is customized with a Raspbery Pi 3 (Linux + Openframeworks) that manages both a low-frequency oscillator and a webcam with kaleidoscopic effect and diffusion on a video projector.

The oscillator and webcam are controlled by analog-to-digital conversion potentiometers.

The design of the sound bodies is largely inspired by the work of the PiedNu association in Le Havre.

The instrument made up of threaded rods and washers is an idea of the artist Geranium.