Lionel Palun
Electro-video maker
Born in 1972 in Marseille.

Lionel pursued a university education as a physician, qualifying as an engineer at the ENSPG (physics) and obtaining a phd from the UJF (in nano electronics). He worked for 2 years as a teacher and researcher in Grenoble at the LPSC (electronics). Following an encounter with contemporary dance, in particular with the work of the Pascoli company, he branched out into a singular research on the relationship between images and the stage, aiming to make this media an actor in its own right in the performing arts, on a par with dance, texts, sound and lighting.
Lionel Palun is a co-founder of the Association 720 Digital, a member of Collégiale du 102, a member of the editorial committee of the quarterly magazine Revue & Corrigéeand was on the board of directors of CitéDanse for 5 years.

A professional videographer since 2001, he works with digital images in many diverse aspects:

Duo and Improvisation: The core of his present research is a series of duos (generally improvised) that explore possible relationships between images and the other performing arts (Image/Dance, Image/Theatre, Image/Music, Image/Lighting, Video/Film…). The lightness of the duo makes it possible to combine the demands of a refined research with regular encounters with the public. These studies have enabled him to work with artists as diverse as Jérôme Noetinger, Will Guthrie, Riojim, Christophe Cardoen, Delphine Dolce and Dominique Lentin. That is where the alchemy that sustains his work developed.
Art installations: Lionel Palun is regularly invited to present video and sound installations: Condition Publique in Roubaix, Nuit Blanche in Metz, Collectif Brouhaha…
Video performance: Video performance is a tool for research and creative residencies in situ. It can either be a motor for starting the writing process or proposed as a singular form.
Video creations: for dance and theatre pieces or concerts in collaboration with film directors, choreographers, musicians and collectives (Camel Zekri, Yann Lheureux, Frédéric Tentelier, Broadway, Pascal Mengelle, Cédric Marchal, Anne-Marie Pascoli,…) These video creations (written scores or improvisations) are an opportunity for artists to compare the written compositions of other artists.
Sound creation: By physically diverting a video signal, he develops original digital tools in order to project the video signal into the speakers …
Workshops and educational presentations: He regularly leads workshops for different audiences: Fine arts students, primary schools (Lumix project with Association Muzzix) and community centres. He also ran a course of mise en scene and an introduction to light images for Kaléidoscope, a project for the Opera de Lyon.
Software design: Besides mastering the professional tools of digital imagery and multimedia, his university education and work led him to developing his own software programme, In Videre for creating and diffusing images. This programme is both a tool for video production and an original instrument for improvisation and video performances.

Shows and Performances:

Cartographie des oublis, La Barque Théâtre, Frédéric Tentelier, musical theater, 2016-...
Now ∞, Sophie Agnel, Lionel Palun, duo piano&video, 2015-...
Fast Radio Burst, Patrick Guionnet, Quentin Conrate, Lionel Palun, concert for radios, 2015-...
The pipes, the pipes, Donal Dineen, Lionel Palun, Guillermo Carrion, Padraig McGovern, Leonard Barry, Maitiu O Casaide, video, art and bagpipe trio, 2015-...
La Lobaye, Camel Zekri, Lionel Palun, Prosper Kota, Jean-Pierre Mongoa, Orchy Nzaba, an encounter with the pygmies of Central Africa, 2014-...
Zzurfreiheit, Julien Bibard, Jean-Philippe Saulou, Lionel Palun, 16 mm film performance, music & video, 2014...
Performance Will Guthrie & Lionel Palun, Festival Pépète Lumière, 2014
Kezn, Barbara Dang, Lionel Palun, Gordon Pym, interpretation of experimental music, 2014-...
ViziX, an encounter with Lionel Palun and other artists from the Collectif Muzzix, 2013-...
Performance Lionel Palun, Guillermo Carrion, Donal Dineen, The Art of Music, 2013
Ryu, Gilles Laval, Yoko Higashi, Lionel Palun & Marc Siffert, installation of images and hydroponic music, 2012-...
Performance Étienne Jaumet, Lionel Palun & The 202s, French Cork Film Festival, 2011
Performance Solar Bears, Lionel Palun & Guillermo Carrion, French Cork Film Festival, 2011
Embrasure, Cie Zyriab and Co, music, poetry & image, 2011
Superflux, Filmbase, Lafoxe, Metalking, 3 trios and the cinema 2010
Mire, Alice Predour, Djamila Daddi-Addoun & Lionel Palun, mixing desk orchestra, electro-acoustic music, cinema & video, 2010
Palundrome, solo by Lionel Palun, image & sound, 2009-...
Encounter with Quatuor Nun, image and vocals, 2009
Minuit Pile, Cie Comme Ça - Muriel Pique, choreographic piece, 2009
Maki, Culture Ailleurs, shadows, dance, improvised and traditional music, 2009-2010
Manifestement, Cie Yann Lheureux, choreographic piece, 2009-2012
Gang plank, Broadway & Quatuor Pli, pop and experimental music, 2008
AOA, Cie Comme Ça - Muriel Pique, choreographic piece, 2008
Supercolor Palunar, duo Jérôme Noetinger & Lionel Palun, electro-acoustic music & televisions, 2008-...
Filmbase, duo Riojim & Lionel Palun, cinema 16 mm & video, 2008-...
No one's land, Cie Yann Lheureux, choreographic piece, 2008-2009
Lumière obscure, Culture Ailleurs, shadows, dance, improvised and traditional music, 2008
Materia Prima, La Saillie - Pascal Mengelle, play, 2008
Situations régulières, duo Dominique Lentin & Lionel Palun, music & video, 2007-2008
Femmes pré-occupées, duo Christophe Serpinet & Lionel Palun, music & video, 2006
Project D.I., duo Delphine Dolce & Lionel Palun, dance & video, 2004-...
L'insatiable K, Cie La Saillie - Pascal Mengelle, play, 2004-2007
Le roi se meurt et la basse court, Cie Pascoli, choreographic piece, 2004-2008
Petites résidences dans les lieux du patrimoine, Cie Pascoli, in-situ choreography, 2004-2007


Artist associate with the project EU-Japan Festival, 2015-2018
Réception-Expédition, Carte Blanche du Non Lieu a La Condition Publique de Roubaix, 2014
Brume3, Installation in collaboration with Les yeux d'Argos a L'hybride, Lille, 2014
Pentaptyque Cannibale, Nuit Blanche de Metz, 2013
Reflets, Experimenta / Hexagone Scène Nationale de Meylan, Grenoble, 2013
Maquette vidéo d'un quartier utopique, Centre Social La Rivière, St Étienne, 2012
Supercolor Palunar, installation for Électrochoc, Les Abattoirs, Bourgoin-Jallieu, 2011
Projet D.I., installation for le festival ONPLMV, Villars Reculas, 2010
Télévision ultra-locale for Brou Ha Ha 3, installations at la galerie des Terreaux, Lyon, 2005
Brou Ha Ha 2, installation collective at l'Usine, St Étienne, 2004
Brou Ha Ha 1, installation collective at la fabrique, Andrezieux-Boutheon, 2004


Workshop video and sound with the students from Beaux-Arts, Chalon-sur-Saône, 2014
Lumix co animation with the musicians from Collectif Muzzix, Lille, 2013-...
Workshop video and music co animation with Jérôme Noetinger, Espace Culture de l’Université Lille 1, 2012
Studio Vaduz, workshop with fine arts students and actors, Beaux-Arts de Grenoble & Conservatoire de Grenoble, 2011
Superstream, workshop with le Stream Collective, Mechanics Institute in Brunswick, Melbourne, 2011
École du spectateur, immersion with primary school students in the project Projet D.I., Espace 600, 2010
Video workshops at la Cie Mangeurs d’étoiles, Villars de Lans, 2010
Hybridation, workshop for project Projet D.I. with disabled adults, CAV, APF, AFIPAEIM, 2009-2010
Animation of a video workshop, le 102, 2009
Melissa, mise en scène for l’Opéra de Lyon for the project Kaléidoscope, 2008
Joëlle Colombani & adolescents from local community centres La Rivière and Valbenoite, St Étienne, theatre workshops and productions, 2007-2008
Silence on tourne, musical created with the Théâtre de la Renaissance and schools from the town of Oullins, 2007
Workshop animation for Les mauvaises herbes, 2007
Télévision ultra-locale, workshop and video installation with La Commune de Vif and Minou Wosniak, 2007