Julien Bibard - Lionel Palun - Jean-Philippe Saulou

Julien Bibard projecteur 16 mm
Lionel Palun video-invidere ware
Jean-Philippe Saulou musique

Zzurfreiheit est une performance vidéo, projecteurs 16 mm et musique.

Iconoclastic trio, which originates by light beams of the 16mm projector and video, Zzurfreiheit is working to make you travel through the unsuspected virtues of bright and acoustic feedbacks. Developing a poetic of moment and immediacy, these three stakeholders generate conflicts of perceptions, with severe contemplative consequences for your brain. The main visual material - points, lines, plants and landscapes - created on 16mm film by Julien Bibard, is reinterpreted in feedback by digital video and audio treatments by Lionel Palun. Mechanical sounds of 16mm projector serve meanwhile as raw materials for the delicate and impulsive sound alterations by Jean-Philippe Saulou. Finally, this hypnotic and autophage trip, through a landscape of the unstable space-time coordinates, will perhaps make you forget, for those who has still doubt, that cinema is only occurring on a screen.

Independent Film Show #15, Naples, It
Cinéma Le Nova, Bruxelles, B