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Filmbase is a video vs cinema 16 mm live improvisation.
In a genuine gesture of instrumentist, Filmbase develops a set of rythm and texture research, visual and sound compositions, which gives enter to a new substance...
Lionel Palun defined is work as electro-video. In Filmbase he does not use prepared image, he refilm ligth sent by Riojim. From the software he has developed, he worked in direct image by filtering feedback, delay and movements.
Riojim feeds the equation with his 16 mm films projections. Images are shot and processed at Atelier MTK, a cinema laboratory ( processing, optical printer, editing) for artists
Riojim projector 16  mm
Lionel Palun video-invidere ware

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Lionel Palun
After a degree in engineering (Physics) and a PhD in nanotechnology, he worked for two years as assistant professor in Grenoble, France. After an encounter with contemporary dance and in particular the work of La Cie Pascoli, he changed direction to primarily explore the connection between the screen image and the performing arts, where conceptually, the medium of an actor is seen as but a part of the whole work, in the same way as dance, the text, the sound or the lighting. Professionally engaged in live shows since 2001, he has worked with the digital image in many different contexts:
Collaboration and Improvisation: The heart of the practice involves a series of collaborative duos (often improvised) which explore the possibilities of the relationships between the screen image and other performative/stage arts (Image/Dance, Image/Theatre, Image/Music, Image/Lighting, Video/Cinema…) The flexibility of the collaborative duos allows the combination of the demands of precise research with regular public outcomes. These explorations allow him to work with artists as diverse as Christophe Cardoen, Delphine Dolce, Dominique Lentin, Jérôme Noetinger, Nathalie Perrier, Riojim. This is what brings out the alchemy which informs the practice.
Video Performance: Video performance is used for residencies and in-situ creations. This permits both a starting point of writing (Company Yann Lheureux and Muriel Piqué at the CCN de Montpellier) as well as suggesting a unique form (Parcours Chorégraphique in the tradition of la Cie Pascoli or Lumière obscure with Maki Collective).
Video Creations
: Video creations for dance and theatre or collaborative concerts with different directors, choreographers, musicians and collectives (Broadway, Yann Lheureux, Pascal Mengelle, Cédric Marchal, Anne-Marie Pascoli, Muriel Piqué, Christophe Serpinet, Minou Wozniak, amongst others.) These video creations (with written scores or improvised) are occasions for combination with the writings of different artists.
Installations in the framework of the Collectif Brou Ha Ha (linked with La Fabrique à Andrézieux-Bouthéon) where between other original concepts of television ultra-locale which today also experiments in other frameworks (Association les Mauvaises Herbes, Mairie de Vif,...)
Studios and Educational Workshops: In addition to animation studios for children and adolescents (primary classes in Oullins, Social Centre of St Etienne) he provides digital works for the stage setting and captures screen images for the opera of Lyon, namely for the project Kaléidoscope.
Software Creation: In Videre Besides gaining a mastery of the professional tools of digital imagery and of multimedia through university training, which lead to the development of his own tools for the fabrication and diffusion of the image, the software, ‘In Videre’, which is at the same time a tool for reliable video production and an instrument of improvisation for video performance.
Many examples of work and collaborations are accessible at this address:
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Etienne Caire runs the Atelier MTK in Grenoble where he teaches DIY film processing, contact and optical printing and editing.
He is particularly attracted to abstract animation, the pleasure of physically modifying images on the film via twisted and other chemical treatments frowned on by professional labs.  He pushes the possibilities of the emulsion to the edge. 
The material produced in the laboratory becomes a work of improvisation integrating all the parameters of projection.  By means of prepared projectors, he applies severe treatment to the projector and plays with the film and the homemade optical sound on film to create a real visual music.

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Le 102 - Grenoble (F)
Gare du Nord, with Nick Didkovsky quartet - Basel (CH)